Learn how to discover your value, monetize your talents, and make a positive impact in the lives of others. You'll learn my methods to generating passive income that will help you achieve financial freedom.

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Jenna Turner

If you’d like to genuinely make money online, strive for financial freedom, build generational wealth, and make a difference in someone else’s life…

Then this will be the most exciting page you’ll ever read!

here's why...

I’m going to reveal to you how bloggers, influencers, and even kid YouTubers are making money online.

but first...

Let's be real

If I had to guess, your life up to this point has been a 24/7/365 hustle trying to create a good life for yourself and possibly your family. You’ve done the 9-to-5 (or 6 or 7), you’ve done the party sales (aka recruit to make more money), and you’ve Google searched “work from home” on more than one occasion.

I’m not some type of mind reader...

I just know because, hear me when I say, I’ve been there. If you’re looking for something a bit more guaranteed than those things, I have the answer for you.

I know what you might be thinking and, NO…

It’s not some “SECRET” you’ve already heard.

Before I tell you what it is, though, let me first tell you WHO I am.

My name is

That's me and my precious little fam 🥰

For 7 years now, my husband and I have owned our own successful businesses. Through those years, I have learned from real-world experiences. Who would I be if I didn’t help you do the same for your life?

I have to tell you though, it wasn’t always this way.

I kept my cushy office job so that we could have a secured income. I was often tired, underwhelmed with my assignments, and constantly daydreaming of something more. 

Then, our son, Judah, was born. I returned to work after my maternity leave sitting at my desk every day thinking of how I wanted to be the one caring for him day in and day out. 

I wasn’t totally sure what my next steps would be, but I knew I wanted something different and I was determined to make it happen.

when we started our business

I began to research how to make money online and discovered other high-performance online entrepreneurs.

They were all self-taught experts from humble beginnings (just like me!) … and all of them were now making a killing online!!

Slowly, I began investing my time and money in classes, workshops, and masterminds from these leaders.

to my surprise...

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “I know these _________ (bloggers, influencers, coaches, etc.) are making money online, but how?” 

Simply put, there are countless ways to earn money online…

It’s just a matter of knowing how to utilize the resources to make it happen.

I discovered...

There are so many ways to make money online!

Speaking from personal experience, understanding how to make money online has the potential to change your life.

When I discovered ways to make money online, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

I’m not kidding! That’s why I wanted to make something just for you so that you could have this breakthrough in your own life. 

Imagine what your life could be like if you were able to make money online, establish passive income, and get back to the things that truly give you life.

You could not only spend more time with the people you love

But you could also have the cash to experience life FREELY, without financial stress

Does that sound like something you want?


the simple guide to

Making Money Online

Time is precious, so there's no gimmick, Just tested and proven tactics.

You'll make new discoveries about yourself. Your values. And your talents. You'll learn that the things you're hardwired to do are the same things that can be a life-changing method of generating income.

First, let me say this isn’t your ordinary “business” or “marketing” e-book.

And it's about MORE than just making money online.

i'm ready to make that change!

The bottom line is…

IF YOU're ready to take the steps to radically change your life…
THIS BOOK is written FOR YOU.

As I said, there’s more to this book than just me making you read a list of ways to make money.

Here's exactly what you're getting

54 Pages of strategizing information
3-Module Framework for planning, learning, and establishing your goals
Discover your passions, talents, and values that make you unique
Learn proven ways that you can use your passions, talents, and values to generate wealth
Become intentional about your personal goals and why you want to make money online
Learn specific methods for earning money online and how much work is required for each method
My personal recommendations and resources
The importance of diversification and streams of income
… and a whole lot more!




Discover Your Value & Vision

ways to put your talents to work

develop + implement specific goals

identifying and honoring the value that you bring to the table.
learn proven methods for making money and how to apply them to your talents
make a plan for moving forward and making money online!

Yes! Send me the book!

 the best part...

you get to pay what you want!

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You’re right, that was a lot to take in, but this is the first major step to the new life you can create for yourself.

too long, didn't read


You’re getting my new Online Guidebook to learn how to Make Money Online.

A simple, yet powerful workbook that walks you through a new way of life and can transform your bank account if you apply it (just like it did for me)!

All you pay is $49. I’ve put in the time and research so you can skip the hours fumbling through just trying to figure it out… and get started now!

Stop Googling. Stop Pinterest searching. Stop trying to drain yourself hosting parties and trying to recruit new sellers for your team. Stop searching online for “work from home” ads.

I’m telling you this is the way to get the best results possible!

There are no gimmicks. In fact, I’ve 100% got your back! 

If you don’t love the book, just let me know. I’ll give you your money back and you can keep the content anyway.

Does that sound fair?

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