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From "I like that outfit!" to "how do you do that?" Here's a look at some of my favorite items in life and resources for business!


Jenna's Closet

I'd like to think my style channels the English Countryside with a little bit of flair. I love to be cute, but comfort and function is always a priority for this mama!

For the Kids

I like to find toys that other moms have found certified tried and true! Some of the toys you'll see here are things that my kids and their cuzzos' love to play with!

For the Home

Cozy, functional, kid-proof and "please close that drawer"...exactly how a home should be!

Home is where my weighted blanket is...


You can usually find me reading something that is intended to help me grow spiritually or learn something to do with business. Either way, I want to be encouraged.

exercise your mind...

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Google-searching the best  applications and processes can be overwhelming! That's why I've made a list of the business tools that I absolutely cannot live without.

Take it to the Next Level

Just Starting Out

If you're just getting started with your business, here are some apps that I love and use almost every day. These apps help me streamline systems and stay organized. Most of these programs are simple enough for inexperienced users, too!

accounting software


No matter if you are starting your business or a seasoned professional, Quickbooks software is a tried and true, ever evolving accounting software for all businesses. This program allows us to keep our books, log employee hours, and process payroll seamlessly in one application. A huge bonus for Quickbooks is the ability to sync to so many other applications; simplifying your processes!

business organization

Google Workspace

I have grown to love Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) because of the ability to use the platforms across devices. I can access my files that are saved to the cloud quickly from my phone or, for better detail, on any computer. This system allows me to create a custom email with my personal domain (website) name. From email, to calendar, to documents and file storage, Google Workspace proves to be the best in class.

Email Marketing


ConvertKit is hands down the easiest to use software for email marketing. Their templates for landing pages, forms, and email campaigns are easy for users with little to no experience and allow for a wide range of personalization and customization. Here's the best part: while you are growing your business, you can use their free subscription plan with all of the features you need to be in touch with your email subscribers.

graphics + images


Does graphic design intimidate you? All of those other businesses with their clean, attractive ads and graphics... Canva has made it possible for those with no experience in graphic design to make those attractive graphics on your own. They have endless templates for all kinds of social forums including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. They also offer a free plan!


screen record for teams

Hear me when I say it is never too soon to prepare to train your future employees. The day will come whether you think so or not! I use Loom to record quick videos of my processes. Loom allows you to store and share those videos with your team. This software allows you to record your screen, microphone, and camera and instantly share it across your team. Their free plan is great for just getting started!


website building

Squarespace is my favorite website building software. I have used this software to create many websites and have found it to be very user friendly and eliminates the chances of errors. You can build your site, host your domain, and get started with Google Workspace all in one place. Squarespace also allows for blogging, selling products, and more! The best part is that it's easy to use even if you have zero knowledge of coding!

website hosting + security


If you decide to build your website with a different software than Squarespace, I personally use SiteGround for all of my website hosting needs. With SiteGround, you are guaranteed ultra-fast site loading, security, email service, and domain hosting. They're also known for their excellent customer service. That feature is worth its weight in gold when your website is down and you need immediate help.


Photo Editing + Filters

Lightroom is the most popular, free and easy to use photo storage and editing software. You can save custom presets of your own or purchase from some from someone else and apply those presets to any of your photos on your phone or desktop. With presets, you are able to create a cohesive look for your photos and feeds on social media. 

Email Organization

Spark Mail App

Spark Mail has apps available across all platforms. This program uses intelligent email prioritization, noise reduction, and the most advanced email tools for your email inbox. Stop stressing and say hello to Inbox Zero. Their free plan comes equipped with everything you'll need for single users and extended premium features if you decide to include your entire team.

task manager + to-do lists


Stop forever looking for the best app to increase your productivity. Todoist is the world's #1 task manager and to-do list app. You can easily add tasks, categorize, and prioritize them to fit your needs and help you balance your life and work. Todoist offers amazing integration between Google Calendar to instantly add your schedule to your to-do list and vice versa.

Just Starting Out

Take it to the Next Level

So your feet are on the ground and you're ready to take it to the next level. These apps and software help businesses on a deeper level of organization and with the right expertise, can be great contributors to success and automation.


Kajabi is the best platform for hosting your content and turning your knowledge into money. I have found that Kajabi presents your courses and content in a professional manner and allows your students to learn using organized software. Hosting opportunities range from courses, 1-on-1 coaching, podcasts, memberships and more. There are less expensive options for content platforms, but this is a definite situation of "you get what you pay for."

30 Day Free Trial

Content platform


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Team communication

Slack has been a total game changer for my businesses. No more sorting through group text messages and lost emails. Slack allows your team to be able to communicate seamlessly with one another. It's basically a giant chat room for your business. You can segment your conversations by responsibilities or tasks. Slack integrates well with other software, including Google Workspace which makes sharing files and scheduling appointments a breeze!


project management

This software is amazing for project management and so much more. Monday.com will help you be able to structure your business processes, systems, and deadlines better than anything else I've tried before. Once you begin building your team, you can include and communicate with others as well as assign tasks for specific projects. Monday also offers solutions for your management systems, marketing, development, and more!

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website builder

Showit has a special place in my heart for website building and customization. This website itself was built from scratch by yours truly. For portfolio and blogging websites, I find that Showit creates an opportunity for a broad range of features and customization that you might not be able to achieve with other drag and drop website building software. The added bonus is that, while there's still a slight learning curve, you can do it all with no coding knowledge!

14 day free trial

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photo, graphics, + document editing

Creative Cloud is a system produced by Adobe that houses a plethora of software. I primarily use three software systems in the Creative Cloud subscription - Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat. Each is special in their own way and very robust when it comes to editing photos, graphics, and documents, respectively. Even if you do not need photo and graphics editing, Acrobat is a huge asset to have when creating, editing, and distributing PDF documents.

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Instagram + pinterest scheduling

When I first began to figure out the ways of the world that is Instagram posting, I was manually setting timers on my phone of when to post my photos, copy and pasting the caption from my notes in my phone, and manually executing the post in Instagram. Tailwind allows for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest scheduling all in one place! This makes it so easy to batch-create my content. I can do it all at once and save so much more time!

$15 credit


e-commerce platform

With today's technology, the opportunity to make money through e-commerce is limitless. I love Shopify for my e-commerce needs in business. Their platform allows seamless integration between in-person and online shopping. It also allows for tracking inventory, simple shipping processing, an for creation of an easily customized online store. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to start, grow, and manage your online e-commerce store!

90 days for $3

Social Squares

Stock images

Are you looking for beautiful, cohesive images for your content? Social squares provides over 6,000 images to help you stay in line with your brand image. They also provide so much bonus content such as online courses in marketing and social media. And it's all included in your membership price! Choose Social Squares for stand out images!

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quiz creator

When I first added a quiz to my website, I tried my best to find a free option, but everything was coming up short. After some friends recommended Interact, I was blown away by all of the features. I couldn't subscribe quick enough! Interact has a robust, easy to use system that comes with so many support features and suggestions for growing your audience. Interact beats any other quiz creation systems all day, errrr day! 

free trial


automated bill payment

I'm bummed out that no one told me about Bill.com sooner. So you better take my word for it! When I hired my first virtual assistant, I wanted help processing bill payments to vendors. She recommended Bill.com for automated bill payments. I love that this software keeps all of our bills and invoices in one place. Our vendors are now able to submit bills and opt for e-payments which helps them get paid faster. It's a win-win all around.

30 day free trial

Free Resource

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