I believe that given the right tools, anyone can be successful with a business that brings them joy.

As a seasoned business owner and compulsive systems strategist, I take joy in helping others bridge the gap between their current situation and the longing desire for something more.

Whether you're itching to discover your potential in starting a business or looking for a new approach in your existing business, I can help you create and implement a strategy for success.

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Strategies for Success


Soon enough, this page will have more details of my services. But for now, i'm available to chat ideas just submit the form below.

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Which of these sound like you?

You have a desire to create a business with the potential to grow and allow for greater financial freedom and stability.

you're looking to pivot from your job into something that allows you to pursue a bigger purpose.

you're content in your career or business, but the thought of additional income sounds exciting!

you already have a business, but something seems off... Whether you’re struggling to get clients or customers consistently, interested in exploring alternate revenue stream options, or you want to create better streamlined systems.

You've got nothing to lose by booking a free discovery call!

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One-on-One Service


If you're stuck in a rut and unsure of where to start or what to do next in your specific situation, you're not alone. I hear it over and over again from clients confused about where to go next. The good news is... now you have options!

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If you need a game plan... I'm your girl. Strategy and planning lights me up more than anything! There are so many opportunities out there... sometimes you just need an outside perspective! Let me help you create a strategy for success.

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You've found your groove and you're ready to really make an impact with your business. Let's talk marketing by evaluating your ideal customer and make sure that you're showing up for them in the most effective ways possibe.

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Path to Success

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Next, I'll get to work on your new business solutions and prepare the delivery items for your approval. We'll walk through each item and make any necessary changes or add information as needed.





ongoing support

In this free consultation, we'll take a deep dive into your big dreams and desires. We'll talk about where you are now compared to where you want to be as well as make sure we're a good fit for one another.

In our welcome meeting, I'll gather more specific information about your end goals. I'll make a proposal and present options for your next steps. If things sound good for you, we'll set it in stone and get to work!

Once we have solidified a game plan, we will collaborate and gather the necessary information I'll need from you in regard to the project. This is the fun kind of homework!

After review, revision, and approval, it's time to launch your new business strategy! I'll move forward with the best systems for bringing your dreams to life and use the proper metrics to guage the success.

I'll be available for ongoing support and questions related to your recently implemented business solution. I'll also provide reports showing the results of your business changes and adjust our strategy as needed.

I wouldn't do this work if I didn't find such joy in helping others unlock their potential! I'm all about optimization and creating more joy in everything I do, so let's find that opportunity for you, too!

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I'm Jenna Turner

South Georgia-based multi-passionate entrepreneur just here to help others figure it out. What would life look like if you could create the business that you've been dreaming of? Let's discover those possibilities together!

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