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Let me get sappy for just a moment. Fall is my absolute favorite. The cooler temperatures, the fall scented candles, bonfires, boots, football, chunky knit sweaters all have a way of bringing me back to a sweet memory. Every year, as summer fades away, I’m reminded of the time that Justin and I just started dating. We were so giddy and had such young love. Every fall, that nostalgia returns and I fall in love all over again.

With that, I go full force at the first temperature drop. Living in South Georgia, you would think that I have learned by now that just because one September morning hits 50 degrees doesn’t mean that it won’t be a sweltering 85 degrees by lunch time. But somehow, I always manage to prematurely bring out my boots and sweaters.

I’m sharing some of my Amazon fall fashion favorites. These items are so versatile and can be mixed, matched, and layered to accommodate for the season changes.

I hope this fall finds you at a place where you can snuggle with the ones you love next to a crackling fire underneath the stars. A place where you can fall in love all over again!

  1. Buckle Fedora Hat – I love a nice looking hat to cover bad hair days. It’s also a cute way of keeping your head warm, too!
  2. Beige White Lightweight Sweater
  3. Crossbody Bag
  4. Tiny Hoop Earrings – These “huggie” style earrings are my new obsession! I love them with casual outfits.
  5. Highneck Window Pane Sweater
  6. Superga Platform Sneaker – A basic staple sneaker with the added comfort of a platform sole.
  7. Adidas Logo Cap – Leggings — check. Sweater — check. Dad hat — check. Someone give me a latte!
  8. Lilac Pullover Sweater
  9. Levi’s High Rise Crop Jeans – For that one day of the week you’re not wearing leggings.
  10. Cloth Knot Headband – I haven’t worn headbands since elementary school, but this is a fashion trend I can get behind.
  11. Ivory Mockneck Lightweight Sweater
  12. 3 Blue Light Blocking Glasses – This pack is perfect for hours spent in front of the screen and you’ll have three options to change up styles each day! 
  13. Waffle Henley – Henleys are the best for transitioning to cooler weather! When it’s cold enough, it becomes a great layering option.
  14. Initial Pendant Necklace – Add a decorative touch to any sweater with this gold initial necklace.
  15. Wide Brim Wool Hat – I get the most compliments on this hat every time I wear it!
  16. Buckle Mule – Complete your sweater weather outfit with a dressier touch.
  17. High Waist Tummy Control Leggings – Did I just have a baby? Yes. Will I be wearing these leggings for the next.. Forever? Also yes. 
  18. Black Tortoise Polarized Sunglasses – Sunnies aren’t only for summer.
  19. Light Brown Chunky Knit Turtleneck Sweater
  20. Scrunchie Apple Watch Band – The 90s are calling… and they better leave a message if its important because you know I don’t answer the phone. 
  21. Brick Red Oversized Knit Sweater
  22. Loafer Flat – Steve Madden dupes at a way better price!
  23. Quilted Memory Foam Sneaker – If I wear these into the other room will I remember what I was looking for?

Looking for fall items for your home? Check out my favorites here!

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Amazon Fall Fashion Favorites

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