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5 Simple ChatGPT Prompts to Cure Writer’s Block and Springboard Your Content Marketing

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Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank screen, feeling the weight of frustration settling on your shoulders as you desperately try to come up with captivating content ideas? You can almost taste the disappointment as your knowledge remains untapped, waiting to be showcased in a way that truly resonates with your audience. Well, take a deep breath and imagine this: a magical tool that effortlessly conjures up click-worthy titles, creating a symphony of words that dance on your tongue.

With the assistance of ChatGPT, you now have a guide for your inspiration to help you escape the mental blocks and expound upon and organize the knowledge that your audience needs to hear. ChatGPT is changing the way we develop our content online and I want to share how you can use this as a tool to leverage your ideas for more content.

Perhaps you’ve heard a bit about the goodness that ChatGPT offers, but you haven’t quite unraveled its full potential. It’s possible that a small part of you feels apprehensive about artificial intelligence. (I think we all do!) However, it’s essential to recognize that AI, including ChatGPT, is not inherently good or bad—it all depends on how we choose to utilize it. I’m here to show you how this technology can be used to create original and fresh content, even when your mind feels like a barren desert of ideas for your content creation.

What is ChatGPT?

So, what exactly is ChatGPT? It’s an AI-powered tool designed to assist you in generating captivating and engaging content. By leveraging the power of machine learning and language models, ChatGPT can provide you with prompts, suggestions, and ideas that breathe new life into your creative process. It’s like having a virtual collaborator that helps you overcome those moments when inspiration seems elusive.

ChatGPT Prompts Step-by-Step

Step 1: Brainstorming Content Ideas

Prompt: Give me 20 unique [content type] titles related to [your niche] in a click-bait style.

Example: Give me 20 unique podcast titles related to life coaching in a click-bait style.

This ChatGPT prompt will give you a long list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you want to see more ideas, simply click “regenerate response” to see what other ideas ChatGPT would suggest. Including the words “click-bait style” will help generate ideas that are attention-grabbing for your audience. Feel free to play around with writing styles and descriptors in your prompts.

Step 2: Keep Track of Your Favorite Ideas

Create a list or spreadsheet of the ideas that really resonate with you and your creative direction.

Step 3: Outlining Your Content

In the same ChatGPT or new conversation, use a title from step one with the following prompt:

Prompt: Now create an outline for an article “NEW ARTICLE TITLE”. Write it as a [XX] expert, and write it for [DESCRIPTION OF YOUR IDEAL CLIENT/AUDIENCE].

Example: Now create an outline for an article “Double Your Sales with These Game-Changing Launch Tips and Tricks”. Write it as a online marketing expert, and write it for female online business owners in their 30s that are looking to boost their sales in quarter three.

Once you’ve got the outline ready, take a good look at it and see if there’s anything you’d like to change. You can ask ChatGPT to delete or replace parts, switch things around, or make any specific requests you want to include. If you think the outline needs a bit more meat on its bones, just ask ChatGPT to add in some extra points.

Step 4: Write Your Content

With your outline in hand, ChatGPT can start writing the full content for you. The initial draft might lack human touch or your unique tone, but remember that this is just a starting point.

Prompt: Now write the [article/video script/podcast script] in a [______] tone, and insert personal anecdotes if they help illustrate a point. Start with the introduction.

Click here for a list of ChatGPT tone modifiers to add life to your content.

Once it writes your introduction, request any rewrites you need, and request the next section:

Prompt: Now write the next section.

Repeat this section by section until it’s finished.

Step 5: Make it Human!

Wrap things up by copying and pasting the draft of the article, headings included, into a Google or Word document.

Now comes the exciting part—making it truly come alive! As you go through the text, infuse it with personal stories, thoughts, and experiences that will add a genuine human touch. (Check out this post about how to make your content more engaging.) Fix any errors you come across, ensuring that the final piece reflects your unique voice and perspective. Remember, this is your opportunity to transform the content from a mere product of AI into a living, breathing piece of writing that resonates with readers on a personal level spoken from your knowledge and style. Embrace your creativity and let your goodness shine!

How are you using ChatGPT prompts in your business?

Let me know in the comments which ChatGPT prompts are changing the way that you find productivity in your business. Want to know more AI productivity helps? Let me know where you could use some help!





5 Simple ChatGPT Prompts to Cure Writer’s Block and Springboard Your Content Marketing

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