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The Online Entrepreneur Gift Guide 2022

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Online Entrepreneur Gift Guide with photos of gift ideas

It’s that time of year again… the time when we frantically search for the *perfect* gift that embodies our entire gratitude for the ones we love only to feel like we come up short because let’s face it, our moms deserve a trip to a private island, but the best we can do is a tropical scented candle. Let me help you by sharing some ideas with this Online Entrepreneur Gift Guide with goodies for you or those you love!

I feel like I’m pretty good at buying gifts for others but I’m not the best at receiving gifts. I want what I want, ok? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but if someone buys me something that isn’t really my style, I have a hard time pretending to like it. I guess that means I’m an overly honest person, right??

Funny Story…

When Justin and I started dating, it was a month before Christmas. We knew each other pretty well at that point, but not enough for him to buy me jewelry. He went to the mall with a friend and he thought long and hard about the perfect gift. He purchased a necklace and just knew that he had made a solid choice!

Fast forward to Christmas, and he gave me the necklace… I opened it and pretended to love it. I don’t know how I faked it. I didn’t *hate* it, but it just was not me! I didn’t know how to tell him! I didn’t want to scare him away, haha! So about a month went by and I only wore the necklace a handful of times. I finally had to tell him… the lie was eating away at me! He still gives me a hard time about that necklace and being too picky. Thankfully know he knows my taste and does well each year!

Entrepreneur’s Gift Guide 2022

So, if you’re like me, you can be picky, but you might not know what you really want either! 2022 has been a year in that I have really invested more of myself in my online business and community, so there are a lot of business-related gifts that are on my list of things I’d love to have!

  1. Self-Warming Mug – I received one of these for Christmas last year and it is a total game-changer! Every coffee lover should have one of these mugs.
  2. Noise-Canceling Headphones – I’ve had my eyes on a good pair of noise-canceling headphones recently! These are chic and pretty with awesome reviews.
  3. Recording Microphone – Other entrepreneurs swear by this microphone for recording videos and podcasts. I purchased a cheap microphone earlier this year and I don’t love it. So, this microphone is high on my list!
  4. Productivity Timer – I can’t be the only ADHD entrepreneur out there that functions so much better with the pressure of procrastination. I’ve learned that setting a timer to pressure myself to get the work done has made me so much more productive. I want a cute timer that is simple and visible on my desk.
  5. Scent Diffuser – Capri Blue makes it to my gift list each year because you just can’t go wrong with this scent. Every home office needs this refreshing citrus aroma!
  6. Light Ring with Phone Mount – I have a big, cumbersome floor ring light, but this light ring is made to sit on your desk and easily attach to your phone. I need this for making reels (eye roll – I hate reels) so that I don’t have to drag out my floor light ring every time and have this one in reach on my desktop.
  7. The Good Pens – It’s crazy how fast “the good pens” disappear. If you love her, buy her these pens. How ’bout that new champagne color?
  8. Cord Organizer Dock – I’m over it with all the cords on my desk. It’s funny how everything is so “wireless” these days, yet you still have to have alllll the cords to keep things in working order. This organizer dock will definitely keep things tidy and not ruin the *aesthetic*.
  9. Desktop Acrylic White Board – I am forever making lists. I usually have a little legal notepad on my desk that I make random notes on throughout the day. I saw this acrylic desktop dry-erase board and knew that it would be great for my to-do lists!
  10. Cutesy Poker Set – This set just screams “girls’ night”! It is everything lovely and fun… I need it in my life. Way better than the clunky, boring set we have at home now.
  11. Gratitude Journal – 2022 has given me so much to be thankful for. This is a beautiful gratitude journal that helps me be more intentional about the things I am thankful for.
  12. 2023 Calendar – I buy this calendar every year. I love the 2023 design! This calendar is so pretty and easy to hang.
  13. Initial Mug – Never enough coffee mugs. Never.
  14. Thoughtful Handmade Bookmark – Look at this adorable handmade bookmark! My friend, Belle, makes these unique and beautiful crafts that make for such a thoughtful gift.
  15. Quality Blue Light Glasses – My cheap-o Amazon blue light glasses are on their last leg… quite literally. I love this brand of glasses, so I’m dying to have a set of these blue light glasses.
  16. Classy Apple Watch Band – I have a similar band to this one and it’s time for a new one! It gives a dressier look as compared to the sportier-looking watch bands.
  17. All the Sticky Notes – I use sticky notes for everything. I brainstorm and map things out using sticky notes so that I can move things around and think things through.
  18. Cozy Lounge Set Top & Bottoms – Most days I’m working from the comfort of my recliner. I hate buying myself pajamas or loungewear, so if you want to make someone super happy, buy them something they usually wouldn’t buy for themselves… like this cozy lounge set!

What other goodies would you include on this list?





The Online Entrepreneur Gift Guide 2022

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