Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

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I don’t know about you, but when it comes to gift-giving for others, I over-think every little option. I want to give the best gift ever, but also don’t want to bust my budget, and I want to also be mindful of what the receiver might think of the gift even the weeks and months after Christmas. It’s no different with my children! Judah is five this year and Joanna is almost one and a half, so I want to be meaningful with their gifts and give them something they will enjoy for the entire year.

I’m sure some gifts will become dust collectors, but here are some great ideas for gift-giving for the kids!

  1. Dual Twister – I remember these things from when I was a kid! This cool twister even has the option to attach a waterhose in the summer for sprinkler-added fun.
  2. Boy’s Oxfords – I’m not sure what’s the draw, but I am very into this style shoe at the moment. We buy new tennis shoes each school year and odd-and-end outfits throughout the year. I try to focus on dress clothes at Christmas. These shoes are great for church.
  3. Straw Tumblers – These tumblers are a nice, basic cup to have around the house. I love the colors and texture of the cups.
  4. Kid’s Tool Kit – Despite the four year age gap, both of my kids are very into pretend play. I found this tool set and knew that Judah would love it becuase it is realistic, but scaled for his little hands.
  5. Boy’s Pullover – This is a staple pullover shirt for little boys. Its great for winter as well as the transition into warmer weather when the time comes.
  6. Girl’s Quilted Jacket – This little puffer jacket was just too cute to pass by!
  7. The Donkey in the Living Room – This sweet book is an interesting perspective of the Christmas story. It shares the roles of each animal at Jesus’s side when he was a babe in the manger.
  8. Boy’s Button Down – I swear by these performance line shirts! They’re flexible for active little boys and it makes them basically wrinkle-free. If it doesn’t have to be ironed, just take all of my money!
  9. Girl’s Mary Jane – This shoe basically looks like the girl rendition of the boy’s shoe above. I’ll be able to pair this with almost any of Joanna’s outfits. Its also a very supportive shoe for those sweet little feet.
  10. Baby Doll – Joanna plays with all of the little baby dolls in the church nursery. She loves to rock them in the swing, wipe their little noses, and give them their pacifiers. She’s too sweet pretending to be a little mama! It’s past time for her to have a baby doll of her own!
  11. Mat Swing – There’s a local playground that has swings similar to these. I really enjoy them because I can sit on them and let the kids swing in my lap. They’re actually quite relaxing.
  12. Elsa’s Palace – If we can’t be riding through Frozen Ever After in Disney World, this little playset will have to do! It’s perfect play for Joanna’s little hands.
  13. Inflatable Fort – Kids these days will never know rearranging all of the dining room furniture and digging out all of the bed linens in the house to build the best fort hideout! How cool is this easy inflatable fort?
  14. Classic Fairytale Pop-Up Books – We love books in this house. Pop-up books just seem to be extra magical. These classic fairytale books are equally timeless and adorable.

Happy Christmas shopping for those special kids in your life! Be sure to check out my gift guide for the ladies, too!

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Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

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