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Our Home Remodel – Master Bathroom Inspiration

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When walking through our completely gutted home, I catch myself saying “I think this is going to be my favorite part”… in almost every room. But really, I am sooo looking forward to this master bathroom. Before the reno, our master bathroom only had an insert shower, leaving one bathtub for me and the kids to share upstairs. Couple that with a small corner inset shower that we’ve been living with the past year, to say that I am excited for a bathtub of my own is an understatement!

Designing the Master Bathroom

There were a lot of factors that came into play when designing this space. In our old master bathroom, the floorplan was a bit confusing and left a lot of wasted space. I wanted this new space to function well for both of us. With functionality at the forefront of our minds, I decided to plan the bathroom with two separate his and hers sinks. Justin jokes that we will have a competition of who can keep their vanity the cleanest. Remind me to let you know how that goes!

Next, we decided to tuck the toilet away in its own little space with a door to grant some privacy. I was indecisive on whether I wanted a tub surround or a freestanding tub. Freestanding tubs have seemed to be the trend for quite some time now, but I liked the thought of having somewhere to sit my soaps or prop my iPad to Netflix and chill while I soak in my boiling hot bubble bath. Ultimately, I decided on a freestanding tub to really pull from the look in my inspiration photos.

Colors + Mood

I find myself referring to designs by Amber Lewis and Shae McGee for interior inspiration. My taste is Transitional with a hint of Modern Farmhouse. I really want to base my home on simple, calming interiors that are brought to life with warm colors, a mix of textures, and softening textiles.

For the master bathroom, our plan is to paint the walls Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (creamy white) and bring the trim and cabinetry to life with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. A few years ago, Justin and I were on a trip to New York City where we stayed at the Intercontinental Barclay. I fell in love with every aspect of the hotel, including the gray and brass tones used in the bathrooms. I wanted to find some way to connect this mood to a slightly rustic feel that will tie into our master bedroom.

Inspiration Sources

  1. Vanity Sconces
  2. Vanity Mirror
  3. Sink Faucet – Newport Brass Purchased Locally (Similar Here)
  4. Cabinet Paint Color – Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  5. Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
  6. Trim Color – Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  7. Chandelier over Tub
  8. Shower Head & Handheld – Newport Brass Purchased Locally (Similar Here)
  9. Shower Floor Tile
  10. Shower Wall Tile
  11. Shower Wall Accent Tile – Soho Livia Purchased Locally
  12. Bathroom Floor Tile
  13. Bath Tub
  14. Tub Filler – Newport Brass Purchased Locally (Similar Here)
  15. Side Stool
  16. Hardware Knobs
  17. Hardware Pulls
  18. Drapes
  19. Runner Rug

What do you think of this master bathroom inspiration?

What are your favorite elements of this mood board? Let me know in the comments!

Master Bathroom Inspiration

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Our Home Remodel – Master Bathroom Inspiration

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