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As an online entrepreneur, it’s essential to maintain your business focus and make strategic decisions to achieve long-term success. After a successful launch, it’s important to shift your focus to where it matters most. In this post-launch phase, there are several actionable tips you can follow to maintain your business focus and keep the momentum going.

Review the Results of Your Launch & Analyze Your Metrics

First, it’s crucial to review the results of your launch and analyze your metrics to identify areas for improvement. By looking at key metrics such as conversion rates, website traffic, and email open and click-through rates, you can gain insights into how your audience responded to your offer and messaging.

When analyzing your metrics, it’s important to take a closer look at your funnel to identify any areas that need improvement. This means examining the different stages of your customer journey, from initial awareness to final purchase, and analyzing the conversion rates at each stage. Look for any drop-off points where potential customers are leaving your funnel. Identify any potential roadblocks or obstacles that may be hindering their progress. By identifying these areas, you can make strategic changes to optimize your funnel for future launches and find how to convert more leads into paying customers.

Focus on Building Your Email List

I can hear Amy Porterfield saying it now… “Always be list building!” Building your email list should be a top priority for your business focus during any given season. Email marketing is a powerful tool for building relationships with your audience, serving them well, gaining their trust, and in turn increasing sales over time.

Here’s a helpful post to make your emails more engaging!

Here are a few ways that you can capture new email subscribers:

  • Creating a lead magnet – think checklists, personality quizzes, or any resource that would be a “quick win” for your ideal customer
  • Running a giveaway or contest – it’s not enough to run giveaways and contests on social media alone. Make sure that you capture their email so that you have an algorithm-proof way to contact those that are interested in your content and products!
  • Offering exclusive content – You can create the idea of exclusivity by giving your audience the opportunity to see content that they would otherwise have to purchase. An example of this would be offering free access to module one of your course before they invest.
  • Discounts – I’m not a huge fan of discounts (for a few reasons) but I do find that they work well with retail-based businesses such as offering a first-time discount when the user subscribes to your email list.

Plan Your Next Offer

Planning your next offer is another important step in maintaining your business focus after your launch. Coming off of an intense time of building customer relationships and nurturing your audience, hopefully you’ve discovered new opportunities to serve them where they need it most.

Look through your direct messages, emails, and any other audience communications to see if you notice any commonalities and ways that you can serve not only your growing audience, but also your existing customers. Ask yourself how can you continue to serve both groups along the customer journey. Use this information to craft an intentional and validated future offer.

Evaluate Your Branding and Visuals

A cohesive and professional business image is crucial for building trust with your audience. By consistently using your brand colors, fonts, and imagery across all platforms, updating your social media profiles and graphics, and reviewing your website design and layout, you can ensure your branding and visuals are on point and that your audience recognizes your content without fail!

By following these actionable tips, you can maintain your business focus and make strategic decisions to achieve long-term success. Where can you take action on these tips and watch your business grow?

Recap of Your Post-Launch Business Focus:

  1. Review the Results of Your Launch & Analyze Your Metrics
    1. Conversion rates – How many people are viewing your offer and how many of those viewers are purchasing?
    2. Website traffic (Google Analytics)
    3. Email open and click-through rates
    4. Analyze your funnel and look for areas of improvement
  2. Focus on Building Your Email List
    1. Build your know, like, and trust factor
    2. Capture emails as often as possible
      1. Create or update your lead magnet
      2. Giveaways or contests (make sure to capture emails!)
      3. Access to exclusive content
      4. Offer discounts 
  3. Plan Your Next Offer
    1. Look for ideas from your conversations during your launch
    2. How can you serve new audiences?
    3. How can you serve your existing clients and offer them more?
  4. Evaluate Your Branding & Visuals
    1. Brand Colors
    2. Fonts
    3. Imagery
    4. Social Media images and graphics
    5. Website
    6. Can your audience recognize you without fail?





Post-Launch Business Focus

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