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Believe it or not, the amount of words your child is introduced to in the first three years of life makes a profound impact on their learning for years to come. It helps their development by learning language skills, how to reason with information, how to process different scenarios, and aid memorization skills.

We love to read books daily. It’s an activity that my mom valued for me as a young child and as an adult, I see the importance of her eagerness to help me learn.

Here are a few of our favorite children’s books that we rotate through each night!

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Little Blue Truck

Judah loves the Little Blue Truck series! These books are all about friendship, animal noises, and being a good helper! We read Little Blue Truck’s Halloween all throughout the year. I think Judah likes it best because he can lift the flaps and say the animal noises himself; a fun way to introduce reading.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

I believe I love this book a little bit more than the kids. This book is one that goes deeper than what’s on the surface. As a parent, it makes me think of all the things my child could be someday. I hope my kids read this book someday and it “clicks” of how I’ve always wanted to see them become the best person that they can be.

The Rabbit Listened

This one gets deep. This book was a gift from a friend when Joanna was born, but Judah quickly claimed it for himself. I was moved to tears the first time we read this book together. It is so simple, but profound in the ways that life teaches us to grieve and rebuild after things don’t go our way.

Just In Case You Ever Wonder

This book gives a children’s’ view of God’s unconditional love. The book goes through troublesome times, scary times, and other times that might make one wonder about their worth. It depicts a reminder of how parents and God is looking out for them, “just in case you ever wonder.”

The Tickle Monster

Last, but certainly not least, The Tickle Monster. I have a serious love/hate relationship with this book. It gets all the stars — cute illustrations, funny storyline, engaging… But, Judah would let me read this book to him every day, ten times a day if I were willing. I’m not at all trying to discourage him from reading, but I feel like there are some fellow parents out there that get tired of their children’s favorite books, movies, shows, etc. I say all of that, only to recommend this book as an all-time favorite. It comes with adorable plush “tickle monster” gloves and tells you exactly when and where to tickle your little audience. Judah gets so excited over this book and begs to read it every day. As bad as he wants to read it, he gets nervous in anticipation for the tickles that ensue! His favorite way to enjoy this book is for me to read it and his daddy to tickle him. Because of that, I love it quite a bit myself!

Put Me in the Story

For years, family members have gifted us these books that include Judah’s name in the story. These seem to be the books that he chooses quite often over all of his other books. The personalization really engages him as a reader and encourages him to use his imagination. He pretends that the other characters of the story are members of our family, too. These books make the perfect, unique, and thoughtful gift for any special child.

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We are always looking for new and engaging reads! Let me know some of your favorite children’s books that you read with your kids.

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Our Favorite Children’s Books

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