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The kitchen is likely my favorite part of a home. I don’t know about you, but so much life happens in my family’s kitchens. It’s our place to gather… To catch up… To pour our hearts out… Just swing by and say hello… To play endless hours of board games and laugh until our sides hurt. So, you’d understand why I’m so excited about this space in our home. In this blog, I’ll share all of my favorite ideas for kitchen inspiration in our new home!

Kitchen Inspiration | Image Credit

Before our renovation, our kitchen was separated from our living area (in true 90’s fashion), so it was a priority for me to get rid of this wall and join the two spaces. We also added on to our existing breakfast table area to create a new dining room that also ties in, making these three spaces one, big open concept.

For years I have contemplated painting our orangey oak cabinets in our kitchen, but I never could decide which route I’d want to go. I was low-key hoping the orange-stained oak would make a comeback. Ha! So with this remodel, we are doing new cabinets and have chosen a painted, sleek look.


Our cabinets will be inset doors which means the doors will be inset to the cabinet facing rather than overlay the facing. (Like in the inspiration picture above.) The cabinet doors will be a shaker front with a small beading accent inside the shaker. As of now, I plan to have the cabinets and the kitchen walls painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. The walls, trim, and cabinets will have a different sheen, making the cabinets and trim stand out against the walls even though they are the same colors.

Countertops & Backsplash Inspiration | Image Credit: Photo by Gordon Beall Interior


My idea of the perfect kitchen countertops for our kitchen is some type of quartz that ties in the warmth from our hardwood floors. I love the look of Calacatta Marble and I hope to find something similar in color for our kitchen countertops. When looking for tile for the home, I was having so much trouble deciding on which backsplash tile I wanted for the kitchen. It was then that the sales rep made the suggestion of using the countertop quartz for a “full splash” backsplash. I loved the idea after seeing photos of examples. The photo above shows how the quartz is used to create a “full splash” backsplash.


I wanted to have some stained wood features in our kitchen. I was torn between a butcher block island countertop or stained bottom cabinets on our island. Ultimately, I was afraid of the upkeep and potential damages to a butcher block countertop, so I decided it would be best for us to have quartz countertops and stained wood cabinets for the island. We opted to not have our sink on the island so that it can be like one big table – clear for allll the hosting! I’m super excited about putting an under-the-counter microwave drawer inside of the island. It will really help the aesthetic… *chef’s kiss*.

Other Kitchen Inspiration


I’m so excited about our new kitchen! I can’t wait to share my own photos of how this space comes to life. As we get ready to put together our new kitchen space, give me your best kitchen inspiration and advice that we should consider for this space! Drop a line in the comments!

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Our Home Remodel – Kitchen Inspiration

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