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We are just weeks away from final inspections and being ready to open our lake house vacation rental. From the time of the land purchase, it has taken around six months to finalize house choices and build the home. As the contractors add their finishing touches, I wanted to share some of the design inspiration that you’ll find in our lake home. My sister-in-law and I have kept a strict budget regarding furniture and décor from the start. We hope others will come to love our Modern Coastal Farmhouse. It’s a nice blend of the three styles!

Paint Palette

We wanted to keep the paint choices nice and simple. This is a reflection of farmhouse style and it allows us to build character in the home by using furniture and accessories. Here are the paint colors you’ll find in our lake home.

Living Area

This room is very inviting from the open concept kitchen all the way to the loft up the stairs. The vaulted ceilings and huge windows allow for tons of natural light and a serene view of the cove. We want to be intentional about this space in making it feel cozy and relaxed, yet a great place to gather.

Dining Area

Since the dining room, kitchen, and living room are open-concept, it was important that we made sure the design aspects correlate as one big room. The furniture and décor that we chose for the dining area is a reflection inspired by the choices in the living room area.


Our home has three bedrooms, each of which we wanted to create its own unique character while keeping to our Modern Coastal Farmhouse theme. Here are some examples of the furniture and decorations that you’ll see in our bedrooms!


We kept the decorations of the bathrooms rather simple. We chose to add character to each bathroom with light fixtures that make a statement.

Other Elements

Here are a few other elements that you might find through our house. We used these light fixtures in hallways, entryways, and the loft. These runner rugs are great accent pieces to bring color into small spaces.

Stay tuned to see our final result when all of the furniture is delivered! We can’t wait to share it with others!

Home Decor




Lake House Design Inspiration

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