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After what has seemed to be a long winter, I am looking forward to longer and warmer days. Last spring, I was nearly halfway through my pregnancy with Joanna, so this year calls for a wardrobe update for my ever-changing mom bod. (Dad bods are a thing, can we make mom bods a thing?) I tend to favor more modest styles that allow room to breathe and flexibility to chase kids around. For spring, I love to have a variety of options and some good transition pieces as South Georgia weather can be a bit unpredictable before the full embrace of the summer heat.

Here’s a few of the items I’m loving for this spring!

  1. Polygon Polarized Sunglasses – I was so excited to find these. I really wanted the designer pair, but couldn’t convince myself to pay over $100 for something that my kids could break or that I could easily lose. These are a hard-to-beat price for a quality pair of sunglasses!
  2. Thick Gold Hoop Earrings – I love that these hoops can give the right bling to a casual outfit or also give just the right touch to a more dressy ensemble. These earrings get so many compliments.
  3. Dainty Solitaire Necklace – I’m a creature of habit. Nearly all of my necklaces are similar in style to this one. Again, this is a staple piece that can be dressed up or down and easy to grab-and-go when you don’t have to make a decision of which necklace looks best. (Advice from the person who is forever late to everything.)
  4. Tortoise Hair Clips – I can’t wait to use these for beach trips and days by the pool. Putting your salty hair into a ponytail after it is wet can be a struggle, so I’m planning to use these for a cute look to just toss-up for a messy look.
  5. Rattan Straw Bag – This bag is a great bag to carry necessities to the pool or even use for shopping or going out. I think we will be seeing a lot of rattan and straw this season!
  6. Shimmer Travel Mug – I LOVE these mugs. Let me sell you in two words — dishwasher safe. If it doesn’t survive the dishwasher in our house, well, it just wasn’t meant to be. This travel mug is optimal for hot and cold drinks. I’m one of those weirdos that enjoy hot coffee during the warm months.
  7. Natural Canvas Vans Sneaker – I got these shoes for Christmas and I’ve quickly learned that they are a stylish natural that can be paired with so many things. They’re a great staple piece!
  8. EVA Birkenstocks – These shoes have been my faithful friends during the warmer months. I’ve had a pair for a few years now and I think it’s about time to get new ones. They’re so easy to slip on and go while still keeping a stylish look to your outfit.
  9. Brown Sandals – These are a great alternative to the more expensive pairs similar in style. They’re comfortable too!
  10. Sporty Platform Sandals – Platforms are my favorite because they allow me to dress up a bit and still comfortably chase my kids! I’m loving this light color for spring and summer!
  11. Embroidered Floral Top – These adorable embroidered flowers give all the spring vibes!
  12. 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Top – This effortless t-shirt is a good transition piece for the days that aren’t too hot and not too cold.
  13. Oversized Sweatshirt – This is perfect for the cooler days of winter that overstay their welcome or to throw on when the sun goes down. I love this look paired with #15.
  14. Floral Blouse – I love this feminine look for a more dressy casual outfit. Perfect for brunch dates!
  15. Bike Shorts – Where have these shorts been all of my life? They give wonderful tummy control. I bought them in anticipation of my Peloton Bike arrival, but I already know I’ll be wearing them way more often than just workouts!
  16. Tiered Floral Dress – A go-to Sunday look
  17. Eyelet Dress
  18. Textured Cotton Dress – A perfect transition piece for more formal occasions
  19. Utility Pants – I love having pants that give a casual, put-together look that are a more comfortable alternative to wearing jeans every day.
  20. Boyfriend Jeans – But sometimes, you just need a good pair of jeans. Take note Gen-Z, they aren’t skinny jeans.
  21. Mid-Length Shorts – Something is telling me it’s time to stop wearing the stretch side-panel maternity shorts. I think these will do.

I hope you find something here that you can’t live without! If you do, let me know.. I’d love to see you working it!

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Spring Fashion Favorites

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