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We all love for our makeup to look flattering, on-trend, and long-lasting. My issues with all of these things are that I just do not have the time to put into a flawless and detailed makeup routine. (Side eyes to my kids). We’re all usually rushing to get out of the door. I am chronically late to everything in life, so an extensive makeup routine would never work for me.

I’m sharing my favorite products for my quick, natural-looking makeup routine. This routine takes me less than five minutes every day and leaves me with a natural look that lasts all day!

Makeup Routine


Moisturizer: I’ve got to say, I haven’t always used moisturizer as much as I should have. Eventually, I realized that my face being dry was causing an overproduction of oils, leading to more breakouts. I’ve used this moisturizer longer than any others before because I love that it is light, clean, and non-greasy.

Primer: I discovered this primer as a recommendation when I was on the hunt for a natural-looking makeup routine for myself. I was a bit apprehensive of the product because of the size and price, but it has become a step that I never skip. Even on days when I only do the bare minimum, I find that this product really seals off my face very well.

Foundation: This is the holy grail of all foundations. Despite the changes I’ve made in my makeup routine, this one remains the same. I love this foundation and that it stays in place more than anything I’ve tried before. The reviews speak for themselves. If I’m super pressed for time, I’m not opposed to skipping this step.

Concealer: This isn’t something I use every day, but it’s nice to have on hand for when those pesky blemishes appear.

Powder: I make up the rules as I go. I don’t know if you’re supposed to use a foundation powder after using a liquid foundation, but hey, it works well for me! I apply this powder with a foundation brush that blends everything together to start the natural look.

Bronze & Highlight

If I’m throwing on a hat, just doing school drop off and avoiding human interaction, I’d typically skip these steps and focus on my eyes. I don’t get too technical here, but I do find that these steps add some definition to my face.

Bronzer: Oh. my. goodness. This bronzer smells sooo good. I know that’s not a reason to ultimately choose a bronzer, but it’s definitely a plus. I use a brush to apply this just below my cheekbones, my jawline, and my hairline.

Highlighter: I started using this brand from the time I started wearing makeup as a teenager. I’ve just always found that it is light but offers nice coverage. I love this highlighter for that reason and that it adds just a subtle shimmer to my face. I use a brush to apply the highlighter to my cheeks, the tip of my nose, and just a bit on my forehead and chin.


Eyes are the main focus of my makeup routine. I feel like my eye makeup makes the most difference in being presentable to the public. If I’m caught without mascara, I feel terribly out of place.

Eye Shadow: I avoided buying this eyeshadow pallet for so long until my mom gave me one for Christmas one year. I use it nearly every day, and the colors last me years. I really feel that this product is worth the price because of how long the product lasts and how well it stays on my face.

Eyeliner: I have used this eyeliner for years! It glides on smoothly and sets quickly. I like a nice black eyeliner for definition, but I tend to use “desperation” for my day-to-day look. In the past, I used this other eyeliner quite frequently, but I found that it smudges onto my upper eyelid. While it’s not my first choice, it’s a good alternative to the first product I mentioned.

Mascara: I’ve tried so many different mascara products over the years. I’ve used some of the more expensive products, but I always come back to this drug store mascara. Of all of the products I use, I have trusted this one for the longest.

Eyebrows: Figuring out your brows when you’ve never had a routine of filling them can be a daunting task. I feel like I sampled so many products before finding one that I really love. I use this brow liner to give structure to my brows and brush them in to create a natural look.


Lip Balm: I have a drawer full of lipsticks that I have gotten in different makeup kits through the years. Yet, I still seem to never use them. I always end up using a subtle tinted lip balm. This one has been my absolute favorite!

Makeup Removal

Scrubber: I love these antimicrobial exfoliating facial scrubbers. They give just the right amount of exfoliation without being too abrasive. They’re easy to clean and reuse, too!

Cleanser: I pump this facial cleanser onto my facial scrubbers to wash my face each day. I love the effectiveness of this cleanser and that it doesn’t leave my face feeling too dry or too gunky when I’m done.

Moisturizer: I favor this moisturizer for the same reasons that I like the cleanser. The moisturizer is so light, yet hydrates my dry skin so well.

Finding a good makeup routine can sometimes be intimidating. Here’s your reminder that you’re allowed to give yourself grace and there aren’t “perfect” rules for how you should apply and place your makeup. Experiment to find routine and application processes that you enjoy and aren’t a major chore. I hope this list of items helps you find a process that can simplify your daily makeup routine!

Here’s a look at all the products that were mentioned:





Quick Natural-Looking Makeup Routine

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